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This is the official website of Alexis Armijo aka LatinaBeatz. Here you will find things that I am active in. Most know me for my Contribution to the L.A Underground Hip Hop world, I am a Vegan, Lesbian, Writer, Animal Lover & Compassion Activist. This site is used to show case a variety of my interests & passions.Read more about me »

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Missing People! Do you know any? LOOK!

December 4th, 2012 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

I wanted to post this personally because if you took the time to imagine what it would be like if you went missing? If you were taken? At any age.. wouldn’t that scare the shit out of you not knowing what will happen to you.. will you end up like the Raped & Murdered found in ditches? …

We live in a VERY scary world. I don’t have kids, but everyone is someone’s child. I put this widget on my page so whenever you come by here, I’m really hoping you will take a tiny amount of time out of your busy day to just take a look and see who’s missing, YOU NEVER KNOW, you can save a life. It doesn’t cost anything but a few moment or more. Doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, it’s about having a Heart, Compassion for anything living on this earth, at least that’s my hope.

I think if Celebrities walked around with Missing Children & People’s pics in front of their face everytime they get stalked by Paparazzi, it would make a difference.

If you have time to surf the web, watch home made videos on YouTube or, tweet all day, I think you can take sometime that is worth everything to one suffering family, imagine the person who is missing, I’m sure they would be praying your looking at their pic at this very second.

You never know when, god forbid, your child or loved one may go missing.. wouldn’t you want someone to take their time to look?

Feel free to put these widget on your blog, tumblr, facebook, etc.

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Benefit for Anna! Fuck Cancer!

June 6th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off


If you are near Santa Fe Springs next Saturday June, 15th at Senor Charlies. 21 and over, all money goes to help Anna. There is a raffle with dope prizes!

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Do you buy products of Cruelty?

June 4th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

Horrific torture for fucking Mouth Wash? I think not. Don’t believe me? check out PandGKills.com

Join the boycott! Check out the following links for cruelty free shopping guides:

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10 Things every Female should keep in her Car

June 3rd, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

For most people their Car is their Second home. Especially in Los Angeles where it can take 2 Hours in Rush Hour for what normally should be a 20 minute drive.

*For the Cheat Sheet scroll way down*

I made this list of things I think every Female should keep in her car, Safety first! You can get any of these and more at most National Stores or Amazon.com! =)

For the Mothers/Fathers who have Kids feel free to let me know what your essentials are!

* Always remember to check expiration dates AND replace what you use.

For the Front of the Car:

1. First-Aid Kits. You can literally get them everywhere!- I keep mine under the Passenger Seat. I also  stash some cash in it, because a glove department is too obvious.

2. Car Fire Extinguisher. I keep mine under my Seat.

In the Glove Department: You can get everything Mini or Travel Size.

3.A Car Wallet – It will keep your 

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My Interview with The Guzman Show!

May 19th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

Here is a fun Interview I did with one of the co-creators of a Latino based Family Cartoon show called “The Guzman Show” I personally give props to everyone involved in this project because their concepts are from their experiences, not from what someone of another race would think a “ethnic” based cartoon would be like.  Check it out!

Let’s get right into it, when people visit TheGuzmanShow.com is it a Latino version of Family Guy?

We like to say that it’s like Family Guy because of it’s off beat irreverent humor. It also pays homage to 

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Help save people everywhere! Take a Class =)

April 17th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

Weren’t we all just in AWE & Thankful of the AMAZING people who risked Injury to help everyone that was injured in Boston? Doesn’t that make you feel like there is still good in the World? well I say Be the change you want to see in the World! (Thanks Ghandi) Take a First AID Class! =) My Mother renews her Certificate every year, I have to renew mine what a humble reminder!

Click the Pic below or simply go to http://www.redcross.org/take-a-class

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My RANT and defense of ME!!!!!!

April 17th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

I have realized lately that people have a Limit when it comes to Compassion and Empathy. I know we are all born with it but as we grow we are hurled with Negative situations, “Life”. I know it’s easier to turn your back than to go outside your comfort zone but for me, to know I see an injustice anywhere, on the street, on television, on facebook timeline and not do ANYTHING when there is a step by step, Do-it-from-your-phone with a CLICK to help someone or an Animal in need? That’s a soul crushing feeling I can not live with.

So Many times I get angry, I feel frustrated and defeated from the blatant ignorance and just don’t give a fuck attitude from people. From Mothers and Fathers! Seeing horrific injustice to Defenseless, Voiceless beings of ALL walk’s of life.

I got questioned today if I was “Off my Meds” (tha fuck?) because of expressing my frustration of something I posted about these Elephants that were being BEATEN with Bull hooks to the Head and Electrocuted into submission for a Traveling Elephant “Show” (no, not Ringling Bros. Cruelest show on Earth, they are just as horrible but these group is a smaller but just as abusive.) He accused me of not focusing on all the Homeless Children in the World and I should be focusing on them. Side note, It’s always guys who think a Woman is Mad because they express a heated concern or opinion.

I was first immensely offended that being off “Medication” would mean my Mental State would have to be in question because I am expressing OUTRAGE of living beings being BEATEN into Submission by EVIL people! I was then offended by the false questioning that I ONLY help Animals (as if that would be bad?). Who needs the Compassion lesson, Boo?

Obviously he does not know the MANY things I do for HUMANS or the PLANET. He didn’t attend my Blood Drive for my Community last year for my 30th Birthday, Obviously, nor did he drop off clothes for the Clothing Drive I had for the people affected the by horrible Wild Fires that destroyed people’s lives! Does he not see me when I’m Teaching Adults how to Read at the Library? I don’t remember him coming with me when I Volunteer at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center? or the other things non animal things I am involved with. Incase you didn’t get my sarcasm: The answer is NO, he obviously does not know how I “Roll”

He then replied “I was asking do you want to Help” ahhh MANIPULATION at it’s BEST! that bullshit comment was not out of a good will gesture, because like usual when people try to accuse me of “Only” helping Animals, I asked him What Feed the Children Organization does he help with? I mean if he thinks I should be focusing on that SURELY he is ALREADY helping right?

Well, I replied YES I would love to Help Homeless Children, Send me info on who you help with!!! but I got NO ANSWER. NONE. Just a condescending have a good day blah blah blah.

I’m still waiting for that Info tho………………….. *side eye* LOL the Irony is not lost on me.

If I see someone or an animal in Pain, I HELP. If I’m on the freeway, on the Street, Shopping, it doesn’t matter I HELP.

I get stupid senseless harmful remarks to people who say reply to me, for whatever reason they don’t like me, that they will (take it out on) go to a Peta Protest wearing a Fur Coat and eating a Hamburger. These people are Fathers and Mothers and fellow humans, wow. I guess the saying is true “Hurt People like to Hurt People” I guess they get an additional Prayer from me. Ay Dios!

I am NOT boasting, I am an example, I have influenced many JUST AS MANY HAVE INFLUENCED AND INSPIRE ME. I am constantly in AWE of people who go way fucking beyond what I do. I am not the Leader and I am not a the all mighty super hero who ONLY does this. no fucking sir! I am one of the MANY, Thank God for everyone showing me the right way!

I AM the change I want too see in the world. I was raised by the greatest Earth Angel there is. So for people to question why I only help Animals, is an ignorant ASSUMPTION. I do help the most under “dogs” Elderly, People with Disabilities and of course Animals. Anyone or Being who is voiceless and defenseless is my business!!!!!

I rather help everyone than be a judgmental asshole that helps NONE!

Oh and seeing a post that Vegans are no better than Meat Eaters because Plants scream as you chew them. .WOW. Talk about propaganda at it’s BEST. I guess whatever people have to tell themself to ignore or “justify” the horrendous look-a-way- life style they live. So I guess they don’t’ eat Veggies then… LOL or if they do, they are additionally ok with eating Murder in both Dairy, Fish, Meat AND veggies? WOW Double ASSHOLES!

Tha FUCK? Stupid fear based “theory’s”

I often feel defeated like why even try? Do people really care? it hurts to have immense empathy for someone’s pain. 2 legged or 4 legged. it’s not easy to almost have a sense of what they feel. I am able to help and show good so why not?

I feel my life’s purpose is to help everyone and everything. I want to bring comfort to people and animals. is that bad? why is that looked down upon, fought against?????????????? Evil is well alive always trying to shut down the Good.

No Slaughter House or “Farm” is “HUMANE” don’t’ believe the hype! that’s just another way to hide the fact that it’s in congress right now to make it ILLEGAL to show under cover ABUSE in Slaughter Houses and Farm Factories. DUH. How sad that those poor Animals who FEEL EVERYTHING but can’t DEFEND THEM SELF who are already brutally treated, raped, and tortured alive won’t have their story shown because of how damaging the TRUTH IS. FUCK YOU MEAT, DAIRY AND FISH INDUSTRY!

and to all you who wear those ugly ass UGGS, you are wearing a BABY LAMB! No Fur, Leather, Suede, etc is ever taken from the animal KINDLY they are ELECTROCUTED, THEIR VOCAL CORDS ARE REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SKINNED ALIVE! THOSE ANIMALS WERE NOT DONE WITH THEIR SKIN!!!

I read and fully believe when we die and go to Heaven ( if we are lucky) we will feel whatever we made someone else or animal feel. Remember that.

“Even after all my Logic and my Theory, I add a Mother Fucker so you ignorant Niggas Hear Me” Oh L-Boogie you neva lieeeeed!

Carry on.

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The $5.00 Diet.

March 24th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

So I am going back on the $5.00 Dollar Diet! It’s a simple and practical way to save Money and I, like most people find it easier and much more fun to spend than save. This can be done for any Monetary Denomination. For example: You put away every $5.00 Bill you get in change. Stash it in a Box, hide it in an old purse or ad it to a savings account. Try it for a week or a Month, as long as you want and be amazed at how much you can save! A lot of people who do this rave about saving/stashing every $1.00 Bill. For me I find $5.00 to work.


So check back in a month too see how much I’ve saved and let me know on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram how much you have saved :)

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What to Buy Organic

March 24th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

Great cheat sheet :)


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BQ Interview

March 14th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

Here is an interview with a Military Vet,  Chicago Artist  “BQ Tha Emcee” Who’s releasing some dope Music Projects this month, in which 40 percent will go towards assisting a fan who was recently diagnosed with cancers medical bills. ‘BQ explains how he started, what Hip Hop means to him and his upcoming projects.

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Orange County, California. I spent the first 20 years
of my life there.

What does the initials Bq stand for?

They are the initials of my

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My Interview with Director Jesus Cruz!

March 11th, 2013 by latinabeatz received Comments Off

I am so excited to share this with all of you. I usually interview Hip Hop Artists but today I got the chance to interview the next Mexican Quentin Tarantino! Jesus Cruz is a film maker, producer and all around creative genius who is currently working on several film projects that will no doubt make him a house hold name! In this interview Jesus, speaks about getting his latest project “Day Workers of the Living Dead” funded and much more!

Let’s start with the Basics, where are you from?

I like to say that I’m born in Cali, Raised in Jali. I was born in San Jose, Ca but I spent a lot of my youth near Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I currently reside in the Bay Area.

How did you get into Film Making?

Since I was kid I’ve always loved movies, mainly horror and comedies. Being raised to speak both English and Spanish gave me the advantage of enjoying American and Mexican films. So I would watch everything from Friday the 13th to El Santo movies. Then when I was in High School, my parents bought a Vhs-C camcorder and it was all over, my friends and I would run around the city and shoot movies.

You are currently working on “Day workers of the Living Dead” for those who haven’t seen the Trailer, what can you share with us?

I’m making a 4 part short movie series called

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