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This is the official website of Alexis Armijo aka LatinaBeatz. Here you will find things that I am active in. Most know me for my Contribution to the L.A Underground Hip Hop world, I am a Vegan, Lesbian, Writer, Animal Lover & Compassion Activist. This site is used to show case a variety of my interests & passions.Read more about me »

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My Interview with the dope artist ClaAs!

February 24th, 2010 by latinabeatz received No Comments »


How long have you been making Music?

Ive been making music for around 10years now, probably been really trying to make the push and get myself more well now for the last 3 or 4, but I’ve been in it for a minute!

What Projects are you pushing right now?

haha right now.. “Good Morning” is my next LP, been working on it for about a year now, an EP that will accompany the album, I thought I had a title but its back to no title at the moment, a mix tape called “I Came From the Underground” that will feature a guest artist that I dig at the moment on every track, another mixtape that will only be Me on every track, been makin tracks for all the “Prone World” albums which will drop every month this year, working on a group project with a local cat named Jack Rabbit James, that we’re thinking is a weird mix of rap styles that blend well and is more lyrical based…and the kitchen sink…I like to think I stay busy

What do you think about the state of Hip Hop right now?

I think “Hip Hop” is …alive and well right now, I think it dwells below the ground and far away from the mainstream waters, I think theres talent beyond talent that is undiscovered because unfortunately “Rap” is fuckin up the industry for us all. All the dance shit thats hot right now, in my opinion makes rap look simplistic and basic like ABCs and shit, and it seems every 16-18year old that has a homeboy ina studio can make this garbage and turn it into the next “big thing” and its unfortunate for real emcees and artists who have struggled for years and cant catch a break and see their time in the limelight cuz they wont succumb to what the suits consider “good music”…I think hip hop is an Independents game, its yours for the taking if you can get pass the fact that no suits are gonna look your way, there’s alot of great Independent labels and crews out there doin their thing and hopefully in the next few years, the shelves are stocked with dope artists who actually care about this genre and aren’t just looking for a quick paycheck and a new car to lease..know what i mean

Tell us about “Tunnel Runners” that was posted on Billboard, how did you get on it?

“Tunnel Runners” was a Album that was put together by Psychopathic Records (home to artists like ICP, Twiztid, Blaze..etc), it was meant to be more “horror” inspired music and basically they got at me and some other artists and had us create songs and submit em, broke us off a lil something, and put the album out nationally..and pushed it pretty good to be honest, it did well first week, pop into the Top 20 Rap Albums for the week it came out on Billboard and it was a great experience, i mean a billboard credit is something that alot of people will never see..but 13 of us underground acts had the opportunity and enough people dug it to get us that credit and its something ill never overlook or underrate, plus its a pretty good conversation topic haha…but definitely well worth the venture and im glad they saw me fit to be a part of it and best part was I was the lead track..so cant knock that

Will your releases be on a Label or are you pushing this on your own?

All These releases with the exception of the group project with JackRabbit James will be released via Prone Records, the group project will probably just be released by me and JRJames and will be focused here in Dallas/Ft.Worth first and then eventually if all goes well released to a bigger market, we wanna get it out there and test the waters cause its a huge departure from both of our styles, so definitely wanna get feedback first..but all else you will be able to find through Prone

Tell us about the Exclusive Track “Check Mate

Check Mate is just pretty much my return to the game type track, I haven’t done a full length album in 4 years, so Check Mate like the name is me sayin im back and the game is mine, like the chorus says “I see a lot of haters want me to stop…but ima pass on my way to the top

Click HERE for “Check Mate

What makes your mix tapes different from the the hundreds of thousands released every Month?

Well the key differences is they arent really a mixtape series, these are all filled with completely original tracks and not just us on industry beats over and over. Also they are central to the Label, you wont see many outside collabs on these, we are trying to keep it just us to further the label and continue to help us move up in this game. I think itll show alot of people that we are focused as a unit and not reliant on outside help and other names to help us, we can do it on our own, the independent way and the only real thing that will stop us from making our name known is us..so at the end of the day not only is it something for the fans to dig each month but its something for us to be proud of and build on!

Where are you From?

The full story is, I was born in Heidelberg, Germany, my parents we’re in the military so moving became second nature, from Germany, we moved to Illinois, from Ill we moved to Kentucky, then spent half a year in Pennsylvania and the other half in Texas, then moved to Colorado..then moved back to Texas and Ive been here ever since(10+) years, so I say I’m from DFW, Texas, its my home and its what I represent, I love this place, wouldn’t trade it for the world, but as you can see Im actually from all over the place..

Who would you like to collab with?

I’m a little weird so my collab wants are out there to some people, I mean i have my normal rap wants, like Chamillionaire, Dirtball from Subnoize, Techn9ne, Crooked I, Royce da 5’9, etc… but once you leave the realm of rap you get into me wanting to collab with people like Jared from HedPe, or the lead singer of Senses Fail, a hardcore group from Corpus Christi called Perriwinkle Massacre, shit like that, cuz as much as I enjoy rap, I would love to do some crazy shit that no one would see coming haha..you can only do so much in your genre and trying to get out the box would be the alot of fun

Where can people contact you?

People can find me very easily, honestly..I run ALL my own sites and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I know there’s alot of people that are more “famous” and I guess don’t feel the need, but in my opinion its vital to have that connection as not just an artist but in some aspects a friend ya know, I like to have my fun and goof around and run my business, so I do most of that on my own and Love it…so if anyone wants to get at me for anything, they can find me at:





Lastly Definately get at me ANYONE…whether collabs, or just followin my randomness on Twitter, or just to talk and shit like that on myspace, no matter what..I enjoy all of it!

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