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My Interview with Final OutLaw!

March 16th, 2010 by latinabeatz received 1 Comment »

Here is my Interview with the talented Lyricist Final OutLaw, Below he speaks about his ambitious work ethic, How it felt to share the stage with some of Hip Hop’s Royalty, and how he handles all the buzz about his growing popularity in the game.



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Thank you for the interview, I know you are a busy man, thanks for taking the time to meet with me, You have an impressive established presence in Hip Hop, where do you draw your work ethic from?

I often see myself a step behind the projection of myself in my mind. Frustration and faith have a lot to do with my work ethic. The music industry is very watch-and-learn oriented, so naturally I’ve learned many things from observation. I guess the easiest way for me to say this is that I’m in no position to sit around right now because my livelihood is at stake.

Since You’ve done shows with some of the illest, how did it feel to share the stage with some of the Legends?

At first it’s very exciting. You forget all the hard work you did to get to a certain position for a moment and wonder how you ended up backstage with musicians you grew up listening to. After a while though you realize you’ve just entered a new level of business and you have to focus before you end up making some poor decisions.

How was it collaborating with KRS ONE?

I was flattered for having been offered the opportunity however… communication was kept at a minimum so I didn’t get to really enter any interesting conversations with the brother. He’s always been a pillar of importance in Hip Hop whether people agree or disagree with his views. Ultimately I don’t really care if we spoke much because he was present as I recorded over his track. I think he offered us chicken or something but I said no thank you.

Tell us about “Rice & Beans Ft. Niles” Is that a track about the staple of your culture or a metaphor a word play on something else? When are you planning on releasing it?

Chinch 33 from Germany did the cuts on the new record and sampled a Flipmode song. The lyrics to the sample go something like “I eat MC’s with rice and beans.” The single is about being elite lyricists and combining both of our skills in the process. Levenkhan from Spain produced the song and both Niles and I fit perfectly in place.

I became an instant fan when I heard “Hip Hop 4ever.” I’m obviously not the only one, you’ve been on tons of noted websites, magazines, etc what do you think is so appealing about your style, and also that track?

I strongly believe my followers exist because they can tell that what I have to say is sincere. Music isn’t sincere anymore. People drop records all the time about struggle, and peace and what have you, but it doesn’t come from the heart anymore. In the end most artists today are just pretending to have certain agendas but you can tell their hearts are not truly in it. Its protocol to have the “love song” on your album, or its good for marketing to show your compassionate-side so then you’ll see a song about world-peace on an album but when you listen to the music its just a cliché clutter of empty words. What I say I mean, what I talk about in my music I actually live. If I say I want to help the world in a song, come and find me or read about what I’ve done in the past and you’ll find that I’ve gone out of my way to help others. I walk what I talk; other artists just talk to broaden their audience.

Check out the Video of “Hip Hop 4Ever” Directed by Janelle Ryan

Your next video about to drop is “Machine” directed by Janelle Ryan, who also directed “Hip Hop 4ever.” Already having worked together prior, was this an easier collaborative project? And when will you be debuting it?

I don’t think it’ll ever be easy when you create something with love. When you make quality material you essentially take the hard-way-out. I’ve noticed a reoccurring surprise or disbelief in other industry peers when I release new material or perform. I think the standards in which Janelle Ryan or I work should be taken as an example of what is born from the quality over quantity approach. Artists like Sade may not release music often but when they do, everyone purchases it – even if record sales are down, because they have respect for the sincerity, and quality work put into the music; and most importantly because they relate. I think the more I work with her and other directors it’ll only get tougher each time as we try to exceed what we did last time 1000 times over.

Are you on a Label or are you Indie?

I’m independent but I’m in discussions with 2 or 3 major and indie labels about my future. Let’s see what happens.

Recently you wrapped up a West Coast Tour, being that you’re from New York, what differences and similarities did you experience?

There is an unnecessary separation between blacks and Latino’s or Latino’s and Latino’s on the west coast. Everyone was extremely hospitable and kind to me but there were many places where the air was dense. Don’t get me wrong, you come across tension often on the east coast but something really erked me about cultural differences between people. I notice the west coast plays a lot of east coast golden era Hip Hop also, but I don’t see the same love come from New York. I would like to work with anyone trying to change these things. There is no happiness or freedom in separation.

I dig that. What projects have you released in your career?

WAGD SE album art - Small

Not many, only three. We’re all gonna die, We’re all gonna die Special Edition & Hip Hop 4ever Vol. 1. I’m not down with free downloadable mixtapes; I’m not down with giving these blogs my sweat and blood for free. People are making advertisement money off of us and we’re starving to death, what the fuck is wrong with us? Fight back. Wake up.

Let’s talk about your Summer Release Album “Unstoppable Love”, what’s the concept, Producers, Features, etc?

This industry is not a game but instead a war. I don’t mean this figuratively I mean it literally. At least from my perspective my freedom is at stake and I’ve come a long way just to get here. But I’ve only climbed 25% of the mountain as far as I’m concerned. The bitter and jaded want to see you fail and will give you ill-advice in order to sabotage your career. Exploitation is common place, and people scrutinize your every move with evil-intent. “Unstoppable Love” are the words that describe the single mother who rocks her baby at 3am and has to go to work at 6am the same day, or the slave who struggles to find the energy to stand up again after receiving an unbearable amount of lashes. Unstoppable love is the very thing that will ensure Haiti’s survival and the same thing that won New Orleans the super bowl. It’s the thing that allows you to stand before the face of pure-evil without flinching. Love.

Some of the produces, turntablists, & engineers working on this project include: Chinch 33, Mez (J Cole), DJ Sosa, Pen Points, KO Beatz, Levenkhan, Nato, Craig Rip, DJ Puerto Roc (Canibus), Damian, Metaphysic (Immortal Technique), Anitek, Street Native INC. Blastah Beatz (Joe Budden) etc.
That’s a very tight line up!, You really have alot of passion for this, What are you Goals?

Freedom, love, family and God.

What separates you from every other emcee out here?

I think that it’s the fact that I’m not really and emcee, I’m just passing by for a little while. Hip Hop is not my true love.

That’s what’s up! Do you have any Tours, Shows, and Appearances coming up?

They’ll be posted soon. But until then I urge my followers to contact the powers that be to see me perform at Rock the Bells, Rock Steady, CMJ, SXSW, Who’s Next, etc.

Before you go, What advice would you give anyone thinking of getting in this game?

I’ve given advice to a few only because I realized they were truly talented and their hearts were in it. The most important thing to know is that music is an extension of your soul but the industry isn’t. The music industry is not fair and doesn’t care about you. Becoming an internationally known musician is a choice you have to make between freedom and slavery. Again, I don’t mean to sound poetic in any way, I literally mean this.

For all info on Final OutLaw check out his official website FinalOutLaw.com

Official iTunes link for Final OutLaw click Here

Click Here for “YC The Cynic ft. FinaL OutlaW & DJulien”

Click Here for “Hip Hop 4 Ever”

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